Delicious, 100% natural real meat treats for dogs, Pet Munchies Beef Liver Sticks are the perfect addition to your dog’s daily diet, providing a rich source of natural nutrients to support good health and ensure a healthy and great tasting treat every day.
Containing only 100% natural, pure beef liver of human-grade quality, Pet Munchies Beef Liver Sticks have been gently slow-roasted in their own natural juices to naturally dehydrate them, locking in all that natural goodness, flavour, scent and texture for a truly delicious snack dogs love.  Naturally high in protein from premium quality beef liver, each tasty stick delivers a rich source of nutrients, including important amino acids, vitamins and minerals, supporting good health and optimum condition for all dogs. Great for daily treating, they’re a great complementary snack for your dog, helping to keep them fit, healthy, happy and satisfied every day.
Developed as a tasty snack that all dogs can enjoy, Pet Munchies Beef Liver Sticks are great for feeding whole, and can be easily broken into smaller pieces for smaller mouths and reward-based training. A high value treat containing 100% real, human-grade beef liver, they are completely free from artificial nasties, fillers, derivatives and meat meals, ensuring a natural and healthy treat that is also low in fat, supporting weight management. They are also free from wheat, soya and gluten, making them a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitivities, and come in a handy, resealable pouch to keep all that goodness locked in.

Delicious, 100% natural treat sticks with REAL beef liver!

Premium gourmet treats suitable for all dogs

Contains only 100% natural, premium human-grade beef liver

Tender, chewy sticks of beef liver, delicately slow-roasted in their own juices to enhance the flavour and deliver an irresistible chewy texture

Rich in natural nutrients, including important amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Naturally high in protein, low in fat and low in salt, great for adding to a healthy, balanced diet

Wheat, soya and gluten free

Made with the finest, natural ingredients sourced form export-approved meat plants

ZERO artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

ZERO fillers or meat derivatives

Suitable for feeding whole, or breaking up for smaller mouths and reward-based training

Resealable pack to retain freshness and quality

Pet Munchies Beef Liver Sticks 90g