Carob and Strawberry with Chicken 

A fabulous grain free hand baked Natural dog training treat that is healthy for your dog. No junk or fillers - just 100% natural ingredients.Yum!

The same tail-waggingly tasty recipes your dogs know and love,  but available in a small er size. Each mini heart-shaped biscuit as around one-third of the size of our standard treats, and they're available in a handy pocket-sized 50g bag - so they're perfect for smaller dogs and puppies for on-the-go rewarding.

Grain-free - no added grains, so it's great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Cheese - we've made this training treat as delicious as possible, to help encourage obedience and concentration.

Fruits - apples and blueberries add fibre, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making this treat really nutritious.

Omega-3 - linseed is a fantastic source of omega-3, which may help to improve immunity and encourages a healthy skin and coat.

Prebiotics - chicory and MOS are both natural prebiotics, which may help to support an increase in `good' gut bacteria.

Yucca extract - a natural plant extract that may help improve digestion, reducing the chance of any unwanted smells!

Sweet Potato (37.7%), Chickpea Flour (37.5%), Vegetable Oil (7.5%), Cheese (5%), Apple (4%), Seaweed (2%), Linseed (1.5%), Parsley (0.5%), Nettle (0.5%), Rosemary (0.5%), Minerals, Blueberries (0.5%), Chicory (0.5%), Prebiotic MOS (0.5%), Yucca Extract (0.1%).

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