The Lickimat keeps your pet entertained, distracted and it can help relieve stress. It is suitable for dogs, cats & puppies. Simply spread you pets food or favourite healthy treat over the surface. You can put the Lickimat in the freezer to help the treat last longer and cool your pet down in the hot weather.  Benefits:	Helps to soothe and calm	Relieves boredom 	Great distraction when left alone	Keeps your pet entertained 	Cools your pet if treat is frozen 	Curbs fast eating 	Dishwasher safe Directions: Spread your pets favourite healthy soft treat or usual food over the mat using the back of a spoon or a rubber spatula ensuring it is nicely embedded into the surface. Freeze if you wish. Colours: Green and Orange - Colour will be selected at random

Lickimat Soother Treat Mat for Dogs Cats & Puppies