Dental Chews

I've been asked a few times this week of I stock dental sticks.

The answer is yes and no. No we don't stock the branded dental sticks made by a well known company. The reasons are simple..

They contain no meat, just derivatives (by product). They also are flavoured with artificial flavourings which aren't very healthy for dogs. And the biggest scam, is that not only are they made from rubbish, they do actually nothing, nothing, nothing for teeth!

Instead, we recommend fish skins. They are 100% fish and high in Omega-3 and essential fats which are good for joints and coat.

The abrasive nature of the dried fish skin and its chewyness is great for plaque and can act a bit like floss!

So, instead of feeding your pup something that's actually detrimental for their health, feed something with multiple health benefits and is exactly as described.

Mia's fishy treats = 100% Fish!

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